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Don't be so hasty

Applying grace in a world of numbers and profits Not all layoffs are due to overstaffing or shrinking markets. Some […]

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Following the prompt

Faith in action yields peace It’s been a rewarding experience to share the ‘behind the scenes’ of our lives through […]

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Media Tips for Startups

The perfect “equation” for pitching Media, Analysts, Family Offices and private capital About two decades ago, I was employee #6 […]

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Jim Robb

Jim Robb

CEO & radio host / Sales Life Inc., The Ministry of Biz

"I want to thank Sarah Gerdes for writing a fabulous book in "The Overlooked Expert." These are real world consultants, with real world results. It's the book to read if you are considering being a consultant or hiring a consultant. I believe Sarah captured the true value of the consultant. A must read for All Business People."

Mike Zimmerman

5th degree, blackbelt, owner / My Self Defense Blog

Let me just say once I started reading Chambers– I could not put it down easily. Chambers is a page turner. Often times martial arts books and movies make extensive use of magic in the fighting scenes but in Chambers I was riveted while reading how Cage defeated mass attackers with weapons. I could see how many of these sequences could really work if a fighter did not make too many mistakes. This was very refreshing after watching Mortal Kombat and Dragon Ball movie characters using magic to win their fights. While I thought at first this was a teen book before starting the read - I found it kept my interest all the way through – and I am a middle-aged man."

NW Asian Weekly

NW Asian Weekly

Editorial / NorthWest Asian Weekly

The Sue Kim Story- "The Greatest American Story Never Told" has it all. Triumph, heartache, Italians, Las Vegas, breaking racial barriers and the hall of fame. It's all there, and it's all real."

Mike Konesky

Mike Konesky

Director, CRM, Former Principle / Appirior, Results NW

"The Overlooked Expert is a must-read for those even thinking about becoming consultants and/or starting their own business. Not only are there real-life stories about how people just like yourself have developed successful consulting business, but there are actual tools that lead you through the process step by step. I know. I have done it. This is a very realistic, tactical text that can set you up for success."

Rebecca Bishop (via Amazon)


"Don't overlook "The Overlooked Expert." I just finished "The Overlooked Expert" and really, don't overlook this book! It's great! As a successful self employed mother of three, I am weekly being asked by my friends, or friends of friends regarding networking, or "where do you start, how do you start a business?" They want to pick my brain and while I want to help, it takes a lot of my time. (Hum...another career perhaps!) This book will save me tons of time because now all I have to say is "Order the Overlooked Expert" by Sarah Gerdes and get back to me IF you have any questions. While the book is designed for those who are looking to turn their skills into a successful consulting business, really, anyone that is considering taking the leap from employed or unemployed to self employed should consider this book.The information that Sarah Gerdes herself provides along with dozens of other "Overlooked" experts that Sarah profiles in this book are inspiring. The ideas and principles in this book are a blueprint for success. If you are wrestling with a tough career decision this book may make that decision a little bit easier. It's pretty inspiring to read about some of the sharpest, most spirited and successful individuals around the nation and what worked for them and what did not work as well.

Bruce Hadley

Editor /

"I love it (Navigating the Partnership Maze). This is the best book about partnerships I've encountered, and for the software industry it is required reading."

Cliff Encino

Cliff Encino

TV, radio host / PBS Moneyhunt

"Gerdes has developed a program by which companies can match their key attributes with those of potential partners. Navigating the Partnership Maze is a great resource."


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