My readers know that the works I create are based on the people I meet, the experiences I’ve enjoyed and the places I’ve traveled. Therein lies the essence of the Traveling Author, for that’s what I am. Where some sit and write book after book, my lifestyle is one where I take a break, traveling to rejuvenate my mind, body and soul, absorbing all that I’ve encountered, then I return to my home and produce a novel.

From reading to reality

It’s always been fun for me, as a reader, to visit a place that’s been well described by an author. The first book in the Danielle Grant series, Made for Me, set in Switzerland, takes readers to Zurich, through the Alps, to St. Moritz and the world-famous gondola in book one. Book two, Destined for You, continues through Prague and Lake Cuomo. The last book, Meant to Be, includes the jazz clubs and famous eateries that you’ll want to be sure to visit when in Zurich and the surrounding areas. By complete contrast, the Lava Bed National Monument and Captain Jack’s stronghold is the setting for Chambers: The Spirit Warrior (book 2 of the series) which blends history and fiction, while Ouray/Telluride is the home for the Incarnation, a series revolving around DNA manipulation.

My travel perspective

Traveling includes either my husband or as a family of four (girls 9/13). Because of this, I don’t focus my travels (or blogging) on events or adventures for singles, although all of what I’ve done/do can be enjoyed by individuals and kids 7+. We search for unique experiences, and will pay the premium when necessary, but for the most part, want high value for the lowest cost, affordable with the highest impact.

My author promise

Across genres and titles, you are going to read about life challenges and moral dilemmas, love, loss and overcoming the odds. Most of all, you are going to have a read that’s representative of my lifestyle, which is fairly clean (sexy and pulse-quickening, but no stripper scenes), no vulgarity (as in, <5 swear words per book, if that), but lots of page-turning suspense. In other words, this isn’t a book you need to hide the cover jacket, and won’t be bothered if your child or Grandmother picks it up.

Travel with Me

Over the years, I’ve posted my journeys real time on Instagram and then a novel comes out. Followers connect the journey to the book/scene, but I’m simplifying this. Going forward, I’ll publish a general itinerary and add details for specific meet-ups as the date gets closer. Then, through Instagram, I will announce specifics. If a reader wants to/show up and have me sign a book, great! You will see my upcoming trips for 2019, the big one being a five-week journey through twelve countries, and you can electronically Travel with Me as I search out new experiences for my next novels.

Updated Site

Search the Destinations page, or the Timeline if you want a different perspective. The Essentials page is where I list my Must Have’s for traveling. If you are looking for Sarah’s top-of-mind issues, such as how to cope with migraines while traveling, note taking for novels or and other real-life subjects that arise while traveling.

Feedback is the best place to send messages, but I manage my own Instagram, and look for suggestions of travel sites, locations, scenes and people for books or other inspirational comments.

Privacy Policy

All emails collected through my newsletter and other promotions (such as bookcave) are private, and are not sold, given or provided in any way to anyone.