Sampling of speaking events

  • Government of Britian, Economic Business Development summit- keynote, workshop leader, mentoring sessions (London)
  • Government of Ireland, Economic Business Development Summit- keynote, workshop leader, mentoring sessions (Dublin, Ireland)
  • Canadian Business Development Summit (Toronto, Canada)
  • Fortune Magazine (multiple formats, forums)
  • Inc. Magazine Annual 500, keynote, sessions leader (Florida/Disneyworld)
  • Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Babson Business plan competition judge, speaker to undergraduate and graduate students/strategic partnerships, start-ups and entrepreneurship
  • Chinese Software Professionals Association (Keynote)
  • Women in Technology (WIT) (multiple- keynote, session leaders in various regions)
  • Microsoft Strategic Partnership Summit (Whistler, BC) keynote, session leader/facilitator
  • Microsoft Partnerships and business group (multiple)
  • Puget Sound Business Journal Keynote (multiple)
  • San Francisco Business Journal Keynote (multiple)
  • Private venture capital groups (multiple) in many cities; San Francisco, Austin, Seattle, Boston +
  • Young Entrepreneur Organization Keynote (multiple)

Major profiles:

Inc. Magazine, Fortune Magazine, The Economics, San Francisco Business Journal, Puget Sound Business Journal, multiple local and regional publications, and given expert opinions on CNN, Fox News, CNBC and many others.

Awards and notations

  • Working Woman, Women Entrepreneur of the Year (regional)
  • Forty under Forty (Seattle)
  • Young Entrepreneurs Award of the Year


Rising from a single parent and without a college degree, Sarah entered the technology field, writing award-winning advertising before being recruited to sell to large accounts. This launched a career in technology where she acquired cross-functional skills in product, channel and marketing, culminating in strategic partnerships and acquisitions. An early employee of three start-ups which were acquired or went public, she founded her own company at age 27 to help venture-backed start-ups and divisions of F50 companies alike create revenue-generating programs. The economic development councils of three countries have used her skills for their own technology investments. With offices in San Francisco, Seattle, and Dublin, Ireland, Sarah began sharing her knowledge through her books, the first of which hit the Harvard top stop in its first week of publication and was named a “must-read” by Software Entrepreneur Magazine. Today, her library consists of 23 books, including ten number-one bestsellers.

After serving clients in over a two dozen industries, Sarah co-founded Incluud, a technology software firm. Her history of raising over 300 million dollars for start-ups, along with launching, building, sustaining and exiting firms are united in her most ambitious effort to date.

Motivation, determination, and perseverance go a long way, and Sarah shares the failures along with the successes so others can learn from the mistakes, shaving years off time to market while saving millions of dollars.


1. Exceptional Public Speaking Skills: Proficient in delivering engaging and impactful presentations to diverse audiences. Able to convey complex information in a clear and concise manner, while maintaining a confident and persuasive demeanor.

2. Strong Communication Abilities: Skilled in effectively articulating ideas, concepts, and messages to captivate and inspire listeners. Able to adapt communication style to connect with various individuals and foster meaningful interactions.

3. Expertise in Presentation Design: Proficient in creating visually appealing and professional presentations using various software tools. Capable of incorporating multimedia elements, such as graphics and videos, to enhance the audience’s understanding and engagement.

4. Research and Content Development: Experienced in conducting thorough research to gather relevant and accurate information for presentations. Capable of analyzing data, synthesizing key findings, and delivering compelling content that resonates with the target audience.

5. Audience Engagement and Interaction: Adept at creating an inclusive and interactive environment during presentations. Skilled in employing effective techniques, such as storytelling, audience participation, and Q&A sessions, to actively involve listeners and promote a dynamic learning experience.

6. Time Management and Organization: Demonstrated ability to meticulously plan and organize speaking engagements, ensuring smooth execution and adherence to deadlines. Proficient in managing multiple tasks simultaneously, while maintaining attention to detail and delivering high-quality presentations.

7. Adaptability and Flexibility: Possessing the agility to adjust speaking style and content to suit different settings and audiences. Skilled in handling unexpected situations, adapting to last-minute changes, and maintaining composure under pressure.

8. Confidence and Charisma: Exhibiting a strong presence and commanding stage presence that captivates and inspires audiences. Able to exude confidence, enthusiasm, and charisma, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

9. Active Listening and Feedback Incorporation: Demonstrating attentive listening skills and incorporating audience feedback to tailor presentations for maximum impact. Open to constructive criticism and continuously striving to improve speaking abilities.

10. Proficient with diverse audiences and facilitating global interactions.