Following the prompt

Faith in action yields peace

It’s been a rewarding experience to share the ‘behind the scenes’ of our lives through the subscriptions section of IG. Not wanting to distract from either this site or my mainstream IG feed, I’ve been utilizing the section to go deeper, exposing the learnings and philosophies which guide and lead us, along with silliness and average events which are a part of raising a family, running a business and of course, my other job/hobby called writing.

Leading with Faith

A major theme and constant topic of conversation in our family is faith. Most commonly, this refers to hearing and acting upon little promptings we receive. “We” in our world, means all four of us in our nuclear family. As equal children of God, we all receive promptings and inspiration, and therefore, we have parity; age isn’t a consideration: if one receives a prompting, we all take a pause, consider it and determine if it’s individual (a personal decision) or family (do we move, take a trip). When it’s a family decision, the entire team feels good about it or not, for God isn’t going to give peace to one person while excluding the others.

Taking the adventure

Let’s visit a cemetery. Why not? It’s gorgeous and peaceful

Here’s a great example: why are we being prompted to book a trip in Sept when layoffs are occurring, we are trying to launch a business and of all places, going to an area with volcanic activity? We had no answer other than peace. In the past, this emotion has led to decisions which have nearly always been inconvenient or dubbed stupid by others (although that term hasn’t always been diplomatically applied) yet were always the right ones.

Today, we are here, over Christmas break, because we followed that prompting. It’s been three days of ups and downs, just like six hours of weather, shot within 3 miles of our residence— and resembles life: clear, cloudy, blustery and beautiful.