Sunset Moon

Romantic suspense / Thriller

Geologist Eden Dance is on the last day of her vacation when she’s called back to her most recent project half-way between Sayulita and Guadalajara, Mexico. Wanting to go home but ordered to stay, she’s called back to use her expertise not for finding precious minerals, but several engineers who have mysteriously disappeared in a mine she helped design. When she abruptly ceases contact with her family back home, her incarcerated father┬áturns to retired special operations officer Chuck Porter, a former black-ops agent turned gun-for-hire who rides an old-school Harley and makes his intelligence and dark networks available to the highest bidder.

As Porter assembles a group of ex-military, Eden finds herself in the crosshairs of powerful families, cartels and two governments. Her decisions are clouded when she must make a choice to live, but destined to be alone, or will she risk it all to save the man who has captured her heart.