Lift the Spirits Oyster Stew

Joy of CookingOne of the easier soups is oyster soup, or stew. Never could figure out why this particular soup is called a stew, for my experience with actual stew with oysters (stew being defined as a nice, thick, rich concoction) is rare. Instead, the soup texture is typically thin, the broth lacking in the richness I associate with a stew.

After playing with a lot of recipes, The Joy of Cooking‘s basic stew recipe as the forerunner, then a myriad afterward, I’ve yet again created my own concoction. I still don’t believe is should be called a stew, but it has the Sarah-come-Swedish approach that rests of sauteing, butter and more cream. If you love the latter two ingredients, this recipe is for you (and btw, this doesn’t mean a layer of yellow, floating fat. It means flavorful. There is a difference).

First, let’s debunk a myth. Most recipes, Joy’s included, says one must have a double boiler. Pashaaa. (pronounced, Pushaaa, an eight grade carry-over from my older brother, the 80’s version of ‘whatever,’). I’m always using one or two of my double broilers on other recipes, and found that simmering it on a low temp directly on my Caphalon pot works just fine. Granted, just fine might work only for Rog, since I hate stewed oysters, and only for the love of my father and Rog do I chug the stuff down, as fast as possible so I don’t have to taste it. Evenso, 12 years of making this soup-posing as a stew has taught me a few things.

Hungarian Hot Paprika, 5-Ounce Tins (Pack of 6)
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1-saute the onions more than directed (in the Joy recipe). Oyster soup connoisseurs always comment on the rich flavor of my soup, and I ‘think’ this is one of the reasons. (and I double/triple the onions. Iodine is good.
2-substitute regular paprika for Hungarian paprika, still using a dash of the white pepper
3-rog LOVEs Tabasco. He’d put the stuff on oatmeal if he didn’t think I’d vomit. I throw a dash in. Once again, the comments are very different when put a few drops in–and the comments are positive btw

PS–A set of Tobasco is a really cool stocking stuffer. I got this for Rog one year, and you would have thought I got him a unmentionable.

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4 Tbls butter
1 grated (or chopped onion)
1-1 1/2 pint oyster with liquor (the liquid inside)
1 cup whole, organic milk
1 cup whole, organic cream (use the regular stuff if you don’t have organic)
1/2 Tsp salt
1/8 Tsp white pepper
1/2-1 Tsp Hungarian Paprika

Sautee very well, 8-10 minutes or more, depending on heat of the stove.
Add the remaining ingredients and simmer until the milk is hot and the oysters float.
Just before serving, add chopped parsley.

Now that I’ve made this for Rog, I’m going to bake Talapia to go along with my smoked oysters, cheese and dill pickles.