The Overlooked Expert: Turning your Skills into a Profitable Business


Since the original 
Overlooked Expert was written in 2008, the predicted recession occurred and many individuals who were laid off fell into the unemployment or underemployment lines. Yet others, resourceful and enterprising, struck out on their own, taking their skills, knowledge and know-how to the world by starting a small business. Today, we are on the verge of another downturn. The time was right to revise and update a resource that has helped so many realize the dream of additional income at low or no startup costs.

The first edition proved so successful that the ebook of the 10th Annivesary Edition is being provided free on the following sites B & N, Smashwords, free-ebooks.¬† It is also available in alternative formats at Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Scribd, 24symbols, Playster, and Google Play. To receive a free copy of the book and opt-in to Sarah’s newsletter, click here.

This 10th anniversary edition of The Overlooked Expert takes you further and deeper into the details of twenty-four overlooked experts who realized their strengths and formed profitable businesses. In this revised edition, strategic insights, business rules, hard-earned wisdom, tips, and bullet-point lists to be followed and checked off have been added.

Some of the Overlooked Experts featured in this book never attended college, while others have multiple graduate degrees. Many continue to work full-time jobs while moonlighting in the off-hours to satisfy financial goals. People from all types of backgrounds who possess the same drive and desire: to run a profitable business.

While the ages, industries and careers of those profiled vary, all have a few things in common: we (and I include myself in this category) all had an A-Ha! moment and realized we could be doing more. Beyond the initial discovery of an overlooked skillset, we used a commonsense approach to determine if our skills had a value on the open market. The natural result was starting a business for little or no cost and realizing immediate income.

Consider a few of The Overlooked Experts profiled within this book:

  • A stay at home mom turned organizing consultant, earning $1,200 per month working within a twenty-mile radius of her home
  • A doctor who consults to the military and the technology industry earning over $75,000 in annual supplemental income
  • An attorney who works as an editorial consultant for fiction books who earns enough each year to pay for his 401K
  • A network IT specialist turned business IT strategy consultant, and equaled his former corporate salary by the end of year two
  • An automotive technician running a 10-day shop, but who wants to sock extra money away and hosts (presents) 2, 5-day workshops a month, earning an average of $14,000 per month in extra income
  • A family counselor turned dog consultant to veterinarians and universities and within three years became a leading expert in the US
  • A woman who turned her ability to train her puppy into a puppy training business. She now grosses $350,000 per year between puppy training, boarding and product sales
  • A human resources staff member who became a resume consultant, maintaining his income, but enjoying the flexibility of working from home
  • A former restaurant general manager who now creates marketing programs for small businesses in multiple industries while working a day job as a GM for a drug testing laboratory, earning nearly $50,000 in three years in her time off

As you gain value knowledge and identify with the examples of others, it’s my hope you will take that first stop to a major life improvement, and in the process, be better able to weather the economic ups and downs that will surely come again.