Weekend books specials 9/27-9/29

Action adventure and money making; a strange but wonderful combination

Bargain booksie is offering a .99 promo to it’s 150K newsletter group for the Overlooked Expert for Apple, Kobo, Scribd, 24 Symbols, Amazon, Google, and a few others for THIS WEEKEND ONLY. I’m alerting you because it’s up and live now and ends Sunday.

10th Anniversary Edition, perfect timing as we anticipate another recesiion

Wanting to earn extra cash for what’s in your knowledge and know-how? TOE profiles 24 individuals from different industries and backgrounds who turned their knowledge into side or full-time businesses earning triple (on average) what they earned in their full-time job. It’s a fast, easy read with plenty of how-to’s and 100 vocation ideas. For faster notification of deals, follow my dedicated Facebook Author page.

In between learning how to make more money, turning your attention to historical fiction wrapped in action-adventure and martial arts with a bit of romance and martial arts. Chambers 1 is free to get you into the series available on 24 Symbols, Apple, B & N, Kobo Scribd and others. Chambers 2: The Spirit for $1.99. Apple, B & N, 24 Symbols, Kobo, and Scribd.

Book one is set in 14th Century China when it was ruled by a teenager and his Empress, while book two is the Indian wars in the United States. Good and evil, zombies and spirits, all come alive as the legend of the oldest civilization on record plays out. Get your set now before the weekend runs out. You can also follow more specials on the dedicated Chambers Facebook page.

It was fun imaging (my version) of the Emperor’s Palace in 14th century Nanjing. I took history and embellished it…just a bit:)