Sunset Moon

Romantic suspense

On vacation in the resort town of Sayulita, Mexico, Eden Dance wants only to rest and relax.  But her getaway is cut short when she is drugged and kidnapped and wakes to find herself in a remote compound owned by two brothers, Dante and Tomas Camarillo. To many women, it’s an honor and privilege to be the guests of the wealthy, handsome men, but to Eden, it’s prison.

Back in Houston, her ex-fiancé, Ryan Rice has gotten nowhere with the Mexican authorities or U.S. Embassy. Out of options, he turns to retired special operations officer Chuck Porter, a former black-ops agent turned gun-for-hire who rides an old-school Harley and makes his intelligence and dark networks available to the highest bidder. Porter makes no promises, but he gets on his bike and heads south, tapping into mercenaries on both sides of the border to see if the young woman is still alive.

Strong-willed Eden infuriates Tomas but intrigues Dante, who finds himself drawn to the fiery American who can ride motorcycles and shoot a gun. He expects to break her spirit, not to fall in love. And Eden isn’t immune to Dante’s charms but nor is she blind to the illegal activities shielded by the front of an aloe growing operation.

Eden’s conflict over her feelings for Dante increases, and so too does the danger. As Porter assembles a group of ex-military to ambush the site, freeing the innocent and punishing the criminals, Eden finds herself  in the cross-hairs of an illegal and military operation. Will she survive only to live a life of loneliness, or will she risk it all to save the man she loves?