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wish I could sit back like a lot of authors I know and write all day, but I can’t just set aside twenty years of talking. It was what I did for a living…on stage or to the press or to business partners. The writing aspect only happened when I was stuck on bedrest and blessedly received a book deal. So perhaps it’s only fitting that I try to emulate the songwriters who put their music out for all to enjoy on youtube. While authors can’t quite do a music video to a chapter (wouldn’t that be hysterical though?) I did set up my fav chair by my fireplace over the frigid winter months and recorded the unabridged author reading of Made for Me.

So let’s be honest. It was a bit hard, especially when I’m reading sensual parts that are meant to get you a bit hot. When I wrote them, I got hot. ha. But not overly so, because I’m in the genre that’s roasty but not burnt, if you catch my meaning. For the book rating system, that means moderate/adult, less than 10 swear words and not bad ones at that, and no open door sex (you prob didn’t even know this existed, did you? But it does, and it means all the difference between getting into certain channels of bookstores or not). Besides, I may thing about sex in a way that’s normal and nature, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to write it down. I do have daughters after all, and friends….and relatives….

It was also hard when I read emotional/sad parts. When a beloved character dies, I cry, and yes, as a person with feelings, I admit to fearing what commentators might say when seeing/listening to my reading of a scene. But isn’t that the fun part of life? Seeing someone’s raw emotions?

Oh! and if you read my previous blog on cleansing…you are going to notice I was downright Oprah-like. I started out reading when I was a bit pudgy from way too much great winter food. When I looked at the replays, I was mortified. As a woman who still has a bit of vanity and lacking in facelifts or botox, my Swiss/Swedish sharpei tendencies were on full display. Thus, I had a bit of motivation to drop some poundage. As my comfort levels for crying and putting my emotions out there for all to see, the videos became easier to watch (at least in my mind). As a consequence, I like the last 20 chapters (and particularly the last 10) infinitely more so than the first.

Made for Me, recorded in my living room

The audio book version of Made for Me on youtube. Click on the M4M playlist and listen to all 57 chapters.

Because I started the Q & A videos with Chuck on Author Straight Talk at the same time, it’s like this progression of comfort.

Ten episodes of Author Straight Talk, each video focusing on a chapter of the book. Click here for playlist options, select AST and it will loop through continue to each episode. I also included a look for the free ebook on each video commentary. Subscribers get a notification of new videos…

Otherwise, the direct episodes are:

Episode 1: The Money & Motivation
Episode 2: Finding Inspiration & Dealing with Writer’s Block
Episode 3: Genres & Trends
Episode 4: Social Media
Episode 5: Copyrights & Ownership
Episode 6: The Critical Role of Editing
Episode 7: Getting an Agent
Episode 8: Overcoming Fear
Episode 9: Tools & Time Management
Episode 10: The Process Start to Finish