Half-way through this year and my beloved father-in-law passed away. This threw my writing schedule off, and in a strange way, made me refocus the order of the books. I moved up a new series, Incarnation. Of course, Chambers is still in process, and then I picked up where I’d left off on Global Deadline, a contemporary romance with action/suspense.

In the process, I began aggressively giving away free ebooks through promotions, primarily to increase readership of new titles. This results in several thousand emails (because the free books requires a sign-up). Then I had another dilemma. What do I put in a newsletter? That begat scouring other author newsletters, which honestly, I don’t even like to receive. So as I figure that part out, I’ve asked my designer to come up with a format that will pop, but on my mind are:

  1. promotions
  2. news
  3. feedback
  4. advance readers/feedback.

Now, I’m most interested in #4, because who wouldn’t want to give comments on book covers and content? I know I would have loved (and would still love) to provide insight in an author’s work. Also, no author I know likes to keep hitting up the same person(s) over and over. It’s called friend fatigue.

If you are interested in any of the above, select one of my free books and get on the list. Then you will have the option of being tapped for reading, as well as being informed of other newsworthy items.








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