Think of all the information that comes from nine years of writing fiction and 18 yrs writing trade, along with dealing with mainstream & self publishers, Hollywood producers, Broadway musicals, agents, editors, attorneys, other authors and everything in between.

That’s what you get in Author Straight Talk: The possibilities, pit-falls, how-to’s and tribal knowledge from someone who knows.

Had this type of book been around when I was starting, mid-way through, or even now, I’d pick it up and read it. Why? Because maybe–just maybe–I would have listened to someone else’s hard earned experience and adapted my own decision-making and writing process. Even if I didn’t, at least I’d know what I was getting in for, and set my expectations better.

Next up is Chambers: The Spirit Warrior. Advance Review Copies (ARCs) will be out in the spring, so watch for promotions on Bookcave and Goodreads. More to come….

Two titles for my women’s fiction are also in the works, the first being Meant to Be, the last installment in the Danielle Grant Series. I’ll save the last and final book for the year as a surprise, for now.







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