2017is off to a great start. In January, The Kim Sisters was featured in an overseas documentary.  Joel Osteen was intrigued enough by Sue Kim’s story to have her at the event in Las Vegas in February, where he met the entire family. The pictures showed how much fun they had, which was great.

Destined for You, the second book in the Danielle Grant series, set in Zurich, Switzerland released in the spring. Now an engaged mother, her life meets with tragedy and she endures the challenges of grieving, mothering, and finding a past love. The final installment is planned for early 2018, but I love the story line so much, I may move it up a bit:)

In a Moment, released early summer. While all of my books in this genre are influenced by personal events in my life, this one is closer to my heart than the others. As my agent often says, truth is stranger than fiction, and a lot of times, it’s not “believable.” Well, that adage will be put to the test, because the best lessons are learned from real life events, and I hope my readers will be as intrigued with this book as I have been in writing it.

Now to trade and non-fiction.

The 10th Anniversary Edition of The Overlooked Expert released in November.  Revised and rewritten, with more than a dozen individuals from a cross section of industries who turned their knowledge into thriving profitable businesses, most without any up front costs. Some work from home, others have kept their full-time careers, but all have realized extra income in less than thirty days.

December heralded the launch of the video series, Author Straight Talk. This supports my new book, Author Straight Talk: The possibilities, pit-falls, how-to’s and tribal knowledge from someone who knows. Each video episode highlights each chapter in the book. Staring 11/28, I’ll be releasing one episode per week. The first one is the Money and Motivation behind writing a book.

Think of all the information that comes from nine years of writing fiction and 18 yrs writing trade, along with dealing with mainstream & self publishers, Hollywood producers, Broadway musicals, agents, editors, attorneys, other authors and everything in between. Had this type of book been around when I was starting, mid-way through, or even now, I’d pick it up and read it. Why? Because maybe–just maybe–I would have listened to someone else’s hard earned experience and adapted my own decision-making and writing process. Even if I didn’t, at least I’d know what I was getting in for, and set my expectations better.







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