The science of naming a movie+book

Shout out to Brunei and Greece, new readers you. I hope you folks are in some exotic palace or on a beach that I’ll one day visit.

Chambers Book 1
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In the meantime, I’ll share some cool news. Yesterday I received the final book cover approval from agent, editor and moviw studio. I am still wanting to ‘out’ the person who won the naming contest, but this person has requested to remain anonymous for the eternities, taking the diamond earring prize and departing in to the sunset. “She” thinks this is quite rude to all those who participated, but at least Rog can validate that the person a) does exist, b) got the earrings and c) in fact, wants to remain the winner that shall not be named. So be it.

The other finalists however, should get some recognition. The group included moms, a dad, one person from India (the lone figure to represent the global community) and a 9 year old boy that kicked butt . This book/movie series is geared to the 18-25 male crowd that pulls along females (for who doesn’t like Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider? I’m a fan)…


Ann Majors Elusive
Ann Majors Forgotten
Ann Majors Millenia
Ann Majors Destiny
Ann Majors Complicated
Janel Ecker Cage
Janel Ecker Minutemen
John Misner Timequest
John Misner Chronologic
John Misner Hours Past
Pilar Parker Horology
Pilar Parker Voyageur
Shannon DeRubens Chronoclash
Shannon DeRubens Minuteman
Sufjan Jonsi CAGED
Vail Kuntz Lone Man
Vail Kuntz In Pursuit
Vail Kuntz Time Chase
Vail Kuntz Seeker
Vail Kuntz Covenant
Lori Kay Epoch
Lori Kay Amnesia

What it came down to:

1. New/Fresh.
The editor, and studio REALLY liked….but…didn’t work for a series….(in no particular order)
Chronoclash, Millenia, Voyageur, Timequest, Covenant, Epoch (on this, the studio wanted Epic). It was interesting, since both groups (the publishing and studio world) are thinking about decades of films and books from around the world. The editor may attend the book fair in Germany and say “oh! we have three Chrono– something books” while the studio will see movies in France that include Convenant. We, on the other hand, being Americans, think only in the context of modern day (not 20 yrs ago) and US only.

2. Leveragability.
Another way of saying..does this work for a series. Forgotten was axed since the movie couldn’t say…Forgotten book 1, Forgotten book 2-“what would that be? Remembered” joked one judge. The same held true for Amnesia.

3. Multi-dimensional:
Lara Croft Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life (Special Collector's Edition)The final 2 names were Chambers and Epoch. Chambers won out, and the studio was rather happy about it. Here’s why: Chambers is a physical room, or rooms…as well as mental (think Chambers of the mind). This is also emotional Chambers…it is not limited by a single definition or dimension. Ultimately, it may be tagged with other, secondary names (Tomb Raider…Tomb Raider the Cradle of Life..)

So there it is, for those of who ever enter another naming contest…

Ps. can anyone tell me why they are replacing Jolie with someone else? I rather liked her in these movies….