The madness has begun…

2 types of spider web exists- very stringy type and
a thicker version- the stringy is best for rock and wood-
no tacs needed.

My sassiest of followers understand that somehow, somewhere along the journey of my youth I was eternally scarred by not having the ability to a) have a fully decorated spooky home, b) wander endlessly among never-ending streets of trick or treating wonder and c) entertain at my own home. This was no fault of my own or my parents- we just happen to live in the equivalent of BFE – (for my non English speaking folks that’s a crass way of saying the middle of no where).

This was only exacerbated by years of being far too corporate, missing all the good parties and then more years without children.
It makes a person weird.
But even weird people have value, right? Here’s mine.
1. Take a boring mantel and transform it with spider web yarn. 
2. Buy old dolls from Salvation Army or wherever, rough them up, spray paint green grey and red, and for good measure, wrap in spider yarn.
3. Hang in corners of said yarn.
4. If you have left overs, strategically place in soil of pots, ideally where kids can see them and freak out.

I like the spook doll in the dirt myself.

That is going to take u a long way but the next one I like even more (and yes, these are both original with me- I’m sure someone else has done this stuff, I’ve just never seen it!)

1. Go to Home Depot or any place that sells landscape tarp
2. Buy the cheap semi sheer stuff- not the super thick
3. Cut random holes inside and rough them up around the edges (I laid mine flat in the driveway- oh! Measure your windows first!)
4. Borrow your kids chalk- white or light blue work well and scrape with the flat edge. This adds the musty effect
5. For thrills take the red and throw some of that on
6. Affix with tacks- I use the clear kind and go in the seams of the wood so as not to kill my wood panels
7. Buy some netting at nearly any store- including most grocery stores, cut in thin strips and tie like a normal drape string
8. Buy cheap plastic skulls and put in the center. It’s your spooky drapes!
Last tip-
1. Get cheap, faux daisys from michaels or your old hydrangeous from the lawn (they r starting to go bad here now), some black spray paint and douse the plants with black, 
2. Put in a ratty vase or a nice one (I like the contradiction of a nice vase!) add a rubber mouse at the bottom and a dead doll. Awesome.
All this can be had for less than $50 US