The Ibiza-tone Butt: yours in five floor exercises

As much as I tried to avoid looking at the ad that seemed to jump off the screen, I couldn’t help but glance at this perfectly shaped derrier in a bathing suit only legal in the southern hemisphere. I was rather happy to note that Jane Fonda was indeed, right 20 years ago, for she ushered in the age of the “butt-up,” now more commonly known as a ‘bridge.’ I’ve been doing them for years, with varying degrees of concentration. For the beginner who doesn’t want to spend money lift up his or her fanny in front of a bunch of skinny strangers, do this in front of the tv, or in your room, hotel or even bathroom floor. These are fast, (not-so-easy) and that’s why they are effective.

Start on your back, legs bent, hands under lower back. Each set should be a maximum  of 25 reps. start lower if you need to. (see photo)

Full set= 25 of each of the following (these are ALL referred to as Bridge movements. The most basic of movements- and all you need to get started).

You can put your hands under your butt
if you have a weak lower back.
  1. First movement– knees spread apart (along with feet)- so knees stay apart as you lift up
  2. Second movement– draw knees together, and lift up (adds a compression to the
  3. Third movement-keep knees together (remember your heals are apart), and then you lift your butt up and down
  4. Fourth movement-keep your butt up (continually) and spread your legs apart (slightly relax butt @25%) and then lift up and squeeze as you draw your butt together)
  5. Final movement– draw feet together, and lift butt up and down.

You might not be able to do 25 reps of any of the above the first time through, or maybe even the first week. Start out with fewer reps, but still try and do 3 sets. You will work up to the full amount.

If you do this every day, you will realize HUGE results in three areas.

  1. Your butt of course- the cellulite will go down. It will also tighten and have a “lift” that is so commonly envied.
  2. The place right below your butt- the skin that perhaps is now invisible because your butt is drooping
  3. Your hips–when you lift your pelvic nice and high, the skin around your hip bones is stretched, thereby tightening this hard-to-get to place.

Calorie estimation if you are tracking via Use 83 calories for 10 minutes of vigorous exercise. Half of that if you have only done 5 minutes.