Rapid weight loss meets healthy living

Glancing through my past blogs (when I’m on the couch, supposed to cranking out my latest novel whilst Rog has taken the girls to the zoo), I smirk when I read a few of the latest. ‘The last 10 pounds,’ and one prior, about ‘Appreciating the Bad times.” Are you kidding me? I’m thinking to myself. Let’s just have life throw a curve ball and both will happen at once.

To wit. My daughter’s condition has graduated from hair loss (which is now a symptom, not the cause) to a full-blown auto-immune issue. A week ago, we were told to strip the metals from her body, which means forgoing food with animal-product anything. Think no eggs/dairy or meat, but also, starches, rice and potatoes, which also absorb metals. All the other doctors (and we are talking the variety, a homeopath, the MD/acupuncturist, the dermatologist, the Mayo-trained, lead doctor) agreed.

So off she and I went, a week ago yesterday, to Jennifer Aniston’s oft-quoted “clean diet,” (without the cigarettes and the salmon of course).

Lo, day one, we weren’t so good. I thought we were going to starve. Day two, mother and daughter were the dawn of the dead, walking and talking, but lifeless corpses that had no energy. Day three however, was a different story. We regained our energy, the food started tasting good and I made batch after batch of lentil soup, then vegie, then pistachio (which is a Persian recipe that’s divine). Thursday, day four, we were eating ourselves silly, and re-discovered all sorts of great things, like celery and hummus (although Porsche prefers apples in hummus), and peanut butter. I’d heard tale, but never believed, food could taste so good once I gave up all the other stuff.

This leads me to the being more appreciative for the bad times. Through all the on-going tears of the situation (my beautiful almost 8-yr old will be completely bald in the fall), the shots (she had 53 in her scalp last Tues), the regime that I won’t detail just now…I AM appreciative for the bad times. She’s not dying. She has her energy. She laughs and plays with exuberance. And although the doctors can tell us why this is happening, and instead, apologetically offer suggestions they admit they have no idea will work or not, we have it pretty good. We are making it through. Oh, and very selfishly speaking, I’ve finally lost those last ten pounds. As I think to myself (and would never utter out loud), only this situation would have given me the discipline to eat healthy, and isn’t that the way? I’d do things for my daughter that I never would do for myself.