Navigating the Partnership Maze


The path to creating the optimal value for your company is to achieve long-term, sustainable revenue. Partnerships are the key to quickly accelerating growth, maintaining sales and returning the highest margins and profitability.

Navigating the Partnership Maze: Creating Alliances has been published in 14 countries since it’s initial release in 2002 and continues to be the go-to resource for creating, sustaining and leveraging revenue for companies of all sizes. NTPM is a literal how-to resource of determining the best path to profitability through partnerships. The chapters of NTPM explain all the types of partnerships, from simple sales, marketing and distribution partnerships, to more complex, multi-faceted relationships that include licensing, co- and joint development. Further, NTPM details the steps to acquiring resources, be it personnel, product or financial investments from potential partners. The ultimate goal of many companies is to merge, sell or go public.

Clients of Sarah Gerdes have used NTPM for internal training, seminars and as the basis for dissecting the value proposition of products and services in relation to potential partners. The Circle of Influence, the Acquisition Sweet Spot and Partnership Alignment Matrixes are but a few of the proven models Sarah Gerdes created and has used with clients ranging from start-ups to Microsoft, , Warp Film, and many others.

SoftwareCEO editor Bruce Hadley said “I love it. This is the best book about partnerships I’ve encountered for the software industry. It’s required reading.” Cliff Encino, host of PBS Moneyhunt wrote “Gerdes has developed AllianceMapping, by which companies can match their key attributes with those of potential partners. A great resource.”