Made for Me

Romantic suspense

Recruited to Switzerland for the job of her dreams, Danielle Grant is surrounded by stunning beauty, intelligent people and the expectation of returning home with a fat bank account when her contract concludes in twelve months. All she has to do is abide by the terms of her employment contract and exercise discretion in all aspects of her life.

Despite her intentions to remain free of romance and a distracting relationship, she falls in love, only to learn that she has inadvertently put her career in jeopardy. From her top floor penthouse, Danielle struggles with moral choices, heartbreak and the cost of integrity. Reconciled to being alone, she finds a new love, but even this is tainted when the decisions of her past come back to ruin all that she has created. Now Danielle must face a wrenching choice that will determine once and for all if she will remain in Zurich, keep her career intact and ever have a family to call her own.

Authors note: the photos in the slider are from trips to Europe, destinations such as Zurich, Switzerland, Lake Cuomo, Prague, Lichtenstein and elsewhere are all featured in the book. The locations, eateries, homes…are all real. It made this series a joy to write.

Series review from Prairie Book Review Feb 14, 2020

Seductively readable…

Set in Zurich, Gerdes‘s three-book series is a resonant portrayal of a successful, independent woman who finds true love in unexpected circumstances. In the first installment (Made for Me) readers see Danielle Grant moves to Zurich to take a high-profile job, but finds herself forced to choose between love and career after becoming romantically involved with the very charming Andre Mettler, who presents a conflict of interest for Danielle’s employment. With her strong work ethic and high morals, Danielle opts to honor her work commitment, walking away from Andre. Soon she falls for another man who loves her equally, but the fate has another plan and Danielle who always does the right thing, has no intention to do things differently this time. In the second installment (Destined for You), things are looking great when a tragedy strikes, leaving Danielle fumbling to get her life together. Turning to Lars seems natural in time of crisis. Soon they rekindle their romance, but Danielle’s fear of losing Lars to his passion (high-risk sport) puts distance between the couple. Determined to find a new and independent life without relying upon a man, Danielle begins her journey of self-reflection and realizes the preciousness of true love in the third book (Meant to be). Gerdes’s writing is authoritative, assured, and full of meaning, and she tackles complex themes and draws multifaceted characters with ease and authority: for independent, willful, and highly assertive Danielle, there is never a middle ground when it comes to taking significant decisions of her life. Gerdes’ portrayal of credibly flawed Danielle confronting weakness in her own nature as she comes to terms with the condition of her life is both realistic and authentic; Lars is a thorough darling; Andre doesn’t get much space in the story but leaves his mark nonetheless. Gerdes excels when it comes to the rendering of the two love stories that mark Danielle’s life. She portrays the passionate and yet fragile period of Danielle’s relationship with the two men with grace and poignance. The depiction of Danielle’s enduring relationship with Lars and the way it survives despite all odds is deeply realistic and wholly convincing. Gerdes’s prose is first-rate; her narrative flows with ease; and her portrayal of enduring relationships is credible. Lovers of women’s fiction and literary romance can pick the series without a second thought. Highly recommended!