Made for Me

Women's fiction

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Recruited to Switzerland for the job of her dreams, Danielle Grant is surrounded by stunning beauty, intelligent people and the expectation of returning home with a fat bank account when her contract concludes in twelve months. All she has to do is abide by the terms of her employment contract and exercise discretion in all aspects of her life.

Despite her intentions to remain free of romance and a distracting relationship, she falls in love, only to learn that she has inadvertently put her career in jeopardy. From her top floor penthouse, Danielle struggles with moral choices, heartbreak and the cost of integrity. Reconciled to being alone, she finds a new love, but even this is tainted when the decisions of her past come back to ruin all that she has created. Now Danielle must face a wrenching choice that will determine once and for all if she will remain in Zurich, keep her career intact and ever have a family to call her own.

Authors note: the photos in the slider are from trips to Europe, destinations such as Zurich, Switzerland, Lake Cuomo, Prague, Lichtenstein and elsewhere are all featured in the book. The locations, eateries, homes…are all real. It made this series a joy to right.