A Convenient Date

Romantic suspense

Two years after the unexpected death of her husband, Kaitlyn Reid’s life is improving. Her relentless devotion to helping Seattle’s less fortunate, through a non-profit created in his name, provides a welcome distraction from her pain, gives her a purpose for living, and sprinkles joy upon her broken heart.

Just as she begins to believe life after her husband is possible, an unexpected email from her attorney informers her that she is being sued by a woman claiming to be the mother of a boy fathered by her deceased husband.

Her fragile life, her finances, and the charitable work she loves are in jeopardy. Still reeling from the news, Kaitlyn meets Rick Santos, a recently divorced financier who has relocated to Seattle. Unaware of her personal turmoil, Rick proposes they become each other’s ‘convenient date.’ Vulnerable, but with nothing to lose, she accepts.

A Convenient Date explores a woman’s struggle to let go of a painful past and embrace the possibility of a real future. Will she trust her heart to Rick? Will she allow him to serve as her ballast during her times of crisis? Or will she run, fearing a future resembling the dark torment of her past?

Kaitlyn discovers that doing the right thing isn’t discretionary or convenient. It may ruin her financially, destroy her reputation, and cause her to lose the only true love of her life. But truth and honesty are the only things that will give her the freedom she needs to live again.

 Strong, smart, sexy. Is there a convenient date waiting for you?