P-Dog paw healing tip

Remember when Fruit Of The Earth Aloe Vera Aloe Gel, Crystal Clear 20 oz (567 g)Baloo sings the Bare Necessities and talks about the Paw-Paws? (Having children means learning the lyrics to all Disney movies)…well, P-dogs paw-paw took a beating, got infected, grew 2 sizes, all before we noticed (that happens with Pitbulls). Saw Dr. Jane the vet (yes, that’s her real name) and she says…”pure, 100% Aloe Gel. Put it on, rub it in and wait. Do it for 2 weeks–will heal right up. We are on day 4 and it’s coming along nicely. My tip to you, dear readers, to save the $38.40 in the Vet bill. Spend the $3.58 on Aloe Gel from Walgreens instead.