Need a sales boost? Try Career Days (at school)

On a whim, I looked at the comments of this blog and was embarrassed that quite a few had been posted from July and prior that I’d never seen. eek. One very good question was about getting into schools, and while the comment was from an author, Cyndy Etler, I know that other professionals have seriously benefitted from spending an hour or two at a career day. It may work for you, your sales/revenue and your career. Here’s how.

What is it?
prgrsvimg Day is a one-day event common in most elementary, junior, senior high schools and colleges around the world. Pre-college, the teachers and administrator’s, but also members of the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) reach out to the parents of students that can spare some time to educate students on possible career choices. Activities included in the day vary from school to school. The youngest I’ve seen is 5th grade (10 year olds) and it goes up from there. Sessions are typically 40 minutes.

Who does it?
Doctors, authors, pilots, firefighters–you name it. Individuals who appear to have interesting careers. Admittedly, I’ve not run into any accountants, but hey, accounting is a serious profession, so why not?

Does it pay?
Nope. Free.

Why do it?
A few reasons.

  • Networking. You get to meet all the other administrators, parents and other speakers (who prob use accountants).
  • Sales. Dentists need new referrals. See above. For an author (like one of my alter egos), kids regularly purchase my books after I speak, but I am very careful not to “pitch” my book– rather– I keep it to the business of writing and what being an author is all about. That said, if I’m asked to talk about being a movie producer, then it’s all film clips and talking about living in the LA world- which is weird anyway.
  • Pride. This means for your kid(s) who think you have a cool profession. This gets serious points on the home front.
  • Referrals– and by this I mean-inter-school referrals. The kids are usually asked to “rate the speaker” and if you are good, then you will get referrals to other schools. I suppose one could eventually make a living from doing this, and it sure beats the heck out of cold-calling.

Fall–now–is the time. Career days are usually organized in the fall.