Name my new book contest

Diamond Mystique Platinum-Over-Silver Diamond Accent Oval Hoop Earrings
It’s time. I’m soliciting help naming my next book. If Janet Evanovich can do it, so can I. In her case, it’s bragging rights. In mine, it’s cold, hard cash, just in time for holiday shopping. The book is already in the process for a movie, and the publishing/launch will occur in the New Year, so I’ve put this off as long as possible.

I’m so excited about this, the novice that I am, I’m downright giddy to see what other, more creative minds, will come up with. Not to mention the rewards of creativity includes money and jewelry.

The Contest: Name my next book

Prize: A pair of genuine diamond hoop earrings ($500 value), $100 gift certificate from Target and a signed copy of the book when it’s released

The details:

  1. submit as many names as you like by November 30th
  2. requirement: one word names only. This is best for the film (I guess you’d have bragging rights there as well). 2 names considered only if exceptional. No limit on the number of submissions.
  3. winner chosen by Dec 5th and notified by email (see registration below)
  4. give certificate and prize sent by Dec 7th
  5. no age restriction

The book details: time travel, action-adventure, a cross between Indiana Jones and Twilight (no vampires, lots of martial arts). It is written in a first-person, male, 17 year old point of view. This name will be the series name. It is a five-book, five-movie series. Each book may have a sub-title, such as … Name… and the Forbidden City etc. Or it may not, depending on the title chosen.

To sign enter and submit:

  1. register through email (emails are for my author use only, not sold, given away or distributed)
  2. once registered, contestants will receive an email address for submissions (or you can get it from my site. However, submissions received without registration will be deleted).
  3. winners will be announced on this blog, as well on my author website
  4. notification will occur via email
First paragraph of the book…
Before time began, he was there. A soul. A mist. A presence that formed a physical body. It was the beginning of evil, if that word could describe such wickedness.            
My name is Cage Fleener. I’m one of the last of our kind that remains to fight him. The others have been killed. Over time. In different centuries. We won the last time he came to battle.
How do I know? I was there. The only problem is I don’t remember any of it.