My favorite fall finds

Fall is awesome. Assuming you can tell the transition from summer to fall. This summer, the seasonal change went unnoticed, since one type of rain blended into another with little difference. oh, a leaf fell yesterday. that was the difference. On the bright side, the lack of outdoor activities for the fam gave way to Internet and store indulgences, looking for good buys on things that glitter with some glamour.

Find one: Butter nail polish, from London. Found this at a local store, didn’t believe the pap about it being environmentally conscious, but for 14 bucks, i gave it a shot. The great news: I’m a FAN. no staining. no bad colors. no carcenogens. LOVE it. My mom, who’s 70, hates polish because it cracks and chips. For her, a piano-playing fool, she can’t have that. She learned what I did-it lasts a long time. I went back, picked up 6 more colors + top and base coats, sent some off to my equally skeptical sister (the fashion maven who helps me keep current) and she was another convert.

Find two: twinkle boots. The latest take on the Sketcher’s twinkle shoes that light up with each walk. Found the boots outside Tahoe in a western shop. And NO, these aren’t for adults. For girls. In pink–at $44, debatable if it’s a necessity or a splurg. But Porsche has worn her pair for days in a row. She’d sleep in hers if she could.

Find three: metallic, hanging pumpkins. sounds crazy and cheesy, but my local nursery had a set on display, and they are totally cool. I removed my kitchen hangings (which I’d not done for years) to put these up. Love them! $29–a great accessory I can leave up until Christmas comes along. The pieces are approx 24″ wide by 18″ tall, and have hooks on the back. Tried to find online-no success. But could probably locate from the nursery.

Find four: knee high boots. Wow. Took me 42 LOOONNNNGGG years to be able to fit my badboy calves into the things, but perhaps that’s what having my last child did for me. Thinn(er) calves, finally. Of course, I temporarily lost my mind, and bought several. Would show pics but the items must be in-store only. Couldn’t find on-line. ohwell. Rog LOVS them, and in turn, is very pleasant. Who knew?