Music for Writing

I’ve recently started using our sound system which we spent way too much money and time on 10 yrs ago to install, and to be honest, didn’t get hooked up for a decade due to a little, ah, shall we say, “marital dispute.” In other words, after all the thousands it took, Rog flamed out at the ten-yard line, which I figured was going to be less than $1,500 to finish up.

Of course, he knew better, and I fought him for a decade (a long time of worthless arguing that a) I was wrong about and b) I’ll never get back). But let’s not dwell on my issues. Let’s move on to the salient points.

Where, might you ask, did this need to be spent? (I know I’m digressing, but for my male readers who generally relate with Roger, and the female readers who share my pain, I’m exposing more of the bloody guts of our relationship).
1- he was afraid of the cost of the panels, which we have in most rooms of every floor
2- he was convinced we needed another receiver, and a stack of electronics, so avoidance was the best policy in his mind and
3- he simply couldn’t justify spending money on a ‘discretionary expense.’

Well, in the end, he was right. The panels are $400 a pop that Rog got for $325 through smart Internet shopping. We compromised. Well, actually, I compromised. I gave up a panel in one bathroom, but stood firm on having one in the two bathrooms where I soak my bones in the tubs. The stack of components was painful- about $10K, which Rog was able to cut down to about $8K thanks to his diligent shopping ways, so he was right all along. (By the way, have I ever told you that Roger’s nickname for me is “rainman,” because he says I think money rains from above. Rude isn’t he?)

One of the beautiful things that all that money bought was a type of component that allows every sort of media known at this time. It’s wide and flat, and can stream, play and store it all, from my SD card which takes me seconds to load songs, or switch to my iphone or whatever else I have going on. But the very best part, hands down, is the Internet radio feature.

Internet radio means thousands of channels in all genres. I point the remote, select a genre, then up comes a list of hundreds or thousands of channels. I’m not really down with bluegrass, but up with dance, and quite a few sub genres. It’s crazy when I find a Paris-based country station, when a DJ is talking in a language I can’t understand, then proceeds to play Taylor Switch. Likewise, I’m grooving out DJ Krush, and then a German-speaking DJ hops on and the only words I understand is the name of the group and the song. The upside is that I feel like I’m getting language lessons while I get grooving music.

All this backstory to tell you that I’ve zoned in on 6 channels (for now) and one in particular is writing, and it’s Ambient. The other words for this are Chillout, and I’m telling you what, about a quarter of the songs I have on CDs already, the others are new. When I hear a song I don’t have I Shazam it on my iphone and bam, a click of a credit card later, I have it on my system.

My favorite of all 202 Ambient stations is this one 1.FM Chillout Lounge. You can listen on any system you have.

A few of the songs I love are as follows (I should create another tab, but I have to give something up on my home page until then..)

updated 4/28/13
Come a Little Closer- Ambassadeurs
Central Reservation- Beth Orton (remix)
What the sun sees- people like you and me- Gloria
Turbulence- radio edit (ft lil john)- Turbulence
Inside your mind- Color in Rhythm Stimulate Mind Freedom
Steamworks- by the Presents- Beams
Take me Away- Chill Central
You are the One- Chill Central
Blood of Eden- US remastered- Peter Gabriel
Walk Tall- Sugar Tax- OMD
Sun Goes Down- no Silence- ATB
Scaffold- Coyote Remix) Chillout Lounge 3, Downtempo grooves
Rupture (Hylton Mix), Bedroom Escapades, Vol 1- Harry Vincent
Always (Ashley Beedle’s) Best of Bent- BEnt
Jumiera Drive- Dubai Chill Lounge Vol. 2
Flipside- Chill Out Experience- Paradise Found
Girl and the Sea- by the presets- Beams
Miami Sunset- (feat Duality) by Invisible Sounds (Sunn Jellie Remix)