Loving what I Hate for the sake of health


Like the illustrious She, I hate blueberries, strawberries, most berries in general, and frankly, most of the fruits grown on this planet. I came out a vegie girl, and truly, I’m a meat-eating-dairy person if I must be honest.

Yet, with the nutritional plan that I’ve been following as a show of solidarity for my daughter who has been going through some rough times, the last two weeks have cleaned me out and cleaned me up, and I don’t mean this in the traditional, happy-for-me way. I’m talking, I’ve been sitting on the toilet so much I have callouses on the back of my thighs and I think the toilet bowl seat has worn down on the edges. The price of toilet paper has increased due to the demand and lack of supply here in the northwest, and this cleaning me out has led me to clean up my act in all things nutritional. Can anyone out there make the call on the fat woman saying “twooo weeks,” as she passes through the airport terminal at some undetermined time in the future?
But I digress. This is about learning to love what you hate, and by that, I mean blueberries.

“Nasty, disturbing things,” to quote the famous hobbit when declining taking on an adventure. Blueberries are mushy, tart and all around symbolic of all colored fruit, and it doesn’t matter how much great press blueberries get for being detoxifying.. Yet, they detoxify, so eat them I did, every day for two weeks. By day 7, I didn’t want to vomit, and by day 10 I could eat without cringing. I still don’t like the texture (today is day14) but I love how I feel after I have my morning bowl (I graduated from a quarter cup to an actual full cup. Baby steps….baby steps…).
So it can be done, as I told She, who confided that she too, detests fruits.

“Just do it. You’ll learn to love what you hate,” I told her, eventhough I have to agree wit Bilbo. They really are nasty, disturbing things.