It’s true. A newsletter cometh

It’s that time to sign up for my newsletter (scroll to the bottom). You’d think it was time for a serious party, right? Well, if you’re into free things, then yes. Par-tay.

Only after a nice kick in the fanny have I gotten around to creating a newsletter. Problem is, I Instagram. I Facebook (rather unwillingly). I used to blog like a maniac, but took my own advice and substituted actually writing books for blogging. (Only then did I want repeatedly kick myself for investing years…literally yeaaarrrss) blogging when I should have/could have been writing books.

But I digress. Finally, I turned mid-century and found some balance. I love taking pics, thus I Instagram. Instead of investing in Facebook directly, I push a nice little button from IG, that throws the content over to FB. Easy enough. And instead of feeling tethered to a daily or weekly blog, I’ve relegated it to a place where I can come and write missives that give me pleasure (well, the last blog about my hair being pulled didn’t give me pleasure in the moment, but it sure has been funny to think about since).

So where does the newsletter come in? To be truthful, I found myself writing about free things I feel like giving away, like Advance Review Copies, signed books that I can send to a lucky winner (drawn from the newsletter list) and then previewing upcoming books that I otherwise would keep close to my vest. My personal philosophy on newsletters is that they have to be pretty full of value, or why bother?

What my newsletter is not…it’s NOT a list of what I’m reading (borrrrinng), or what my kids are up to, or what cool party I’m attending. Sorry. I can’t stand reading that stuff about other people, (and I rarely attend cool parties) so I’m not going to push it on my readers. If it involves the books I’m writing, what inspires me, answering questions from readers or giving things away, my newsletter is for you.

With that, tomorrow, Thursday, January 31, will be the first distribution. I’ll be pulling from my combined lists (gathered from both my website as well as the opt-in emails taken from (where one must provide an email to download a free book). The night before, at 12 am, the list will be collated and then the email will go out Thursday morning. If you aren’t on it already, sign up. Unlike some authors, I won’t be posting specials, or calls of ARC readers to the general public. I hope you enjoy it!