Golfing Coyotes

Our foursome became a ‘fifth-some”

It’s Friday. It’s a sunny, clear day, something not to be squandered in the last of the fall days before the rain hits and we break out the parkas and trade fleece for rubber. Rog suggests we get in a day of golf and off we go to the Maple Valley Golf Course.

On the 6th hole, we are joined by a furry companion with four legs. He follows us around, and we wonder if he’s hungry, or if a pack is nearby. But we have bigger issues than being eaten, like my bad putting. By the 8th hole, he’s as tired of our poor swinging and even worse jokes and sits down for a breather. The snack bar is nearby, and I ask the guy if the coyotes are dangerous.

A new tagline:
Doritos: the golfing Coyotes Choice

He looks around to see if he’s in the clear and confides, “they like the Doritos.” And really, I wonder, what golfer doesn’t? Then my next thought is, I can make money from this–I can go into Dorito marketing, but then the animal freaks would have it out for me, and I’d lose my day job. Wait. I can’t lose my day job. I don’t have one. I’m a writer. All is well as that point, and we move on to the next hole, our fifth continuing along until he loses interest at hole 13 in search of a more interesting foursome, and perhaps some Doritos.