Food as medicine

Finally getting rid of the ick that’s been lodged in my lungs and throat for the last ten days. It’s akin to the white clumps of flour on a gravy recipe gone awry (and pretty much the same color), the associated hacking and burning is not condusive to working out.

Nonetheless, it is Wednesday, the posting of the week I focus on getting in shape, and one can’t get back to shape without eating the right foods. Thus, I’ve pulled the title of this blog from a line in the Jobs bio. Long after Jobs is diagnosed with cancer, he insists on continuing dietary peculiarities: rituals of eating one food only for extensive periods of time (carrots for weeks, then another food), or various cleanses (liquid or other). The doctor gets to the point of irritation and Jobs must stop looking at food as food. Instead, view “food as medicine.” (apparently, his doctor isn’t the only one to think this way. conference as books abound).

That has been a great visual and concept for me to get my arms around. I take medicine that tastes awful but works, sometimes downing horse-sized pills in the name of eradicting an evil inside my body (and no, that would not be a pill for ’emotional sickness,’ thank you very much). Now that I’m healing, I don’t need my Swami to advise me on how to eat a parallel diet of health.

I like this one

My culinary medicinal routine started like this…I need greens every day. I hate greens, unless they are loaded with a thick, rich or highly fattening substance. (think caesar salads).
Instead, I have been telling myself “it’s the doctors orders, and I did in fact, look up the phrase “food as medicine” and found many recipes “that heal.”(going with the whole, food-as-medicine concept). Sadly, my energy is entirely back and I am still on deadline for my next manuscript. I’ve gone old-school, falling back in to my pregnancy-eating rut. It’s cheap. It’s easy. It’s healthy, yet I won’t have to deal with a child popping out at the end.

  • Breakfast: steamed spinach (three massive handfuls) steams down to a cup, give or take. salt + lemon juice
  • An hr later: 2 eggs+2 egg whites. First sautee 3 green onions then 1 chopped tomato. Add eggs. Scramble.
  • Snack: apple and some sesame seeds (or other nut if I can handle it).
  • Lunch: vegie soup: sautee onions, carrots, add celery and homemade chicken or veg broth. Add meat if kids and spouse are going to revolt.
    (pause…) At this point, I’m sick if making food and eating food. It’s hard the rest of the day.
  • Mid afternoon: whatever isn’t going to make me feel bloated and tired. I like frozen grapes, but honestly, it’s so not satisfying. I want sweets or carbs (same thing really). Protien drinks are normall great, but sound too sweet in this post-sickness state. Instead, I’ve been having a bit mor soup.
  • Dinner: spinach again, with either a bit of meat (fish) but actually, more soup. I’ve been making my lentil, split pea, beef with barely, turkey noodle…you name it. soups are great, warm and keep the weight off.
    • I just went to the Food and Recipe section of this blog and was chagrined to find that I don’t have a single one of my soup recipes posted. How lame am I??? I’m Swedish for heavens sakes. I just bought sardines, black truffle oil and skiens last night at the deli. I’m going to put all good Swedes to shame if I don’t get my act together.

Throughout, loads and loads of water, chamomile tea.No dairy at all. No breads (both stuff up my sinuses). I was reminded of Jennifer Aniston’s oft-quoted mantra: “I eat clean foods.”  I like the notion of a clean food (organic, no oils, fats, sugars etc) as much as the next idealic, global-piece-will-happen-in-my-lifetime-dreamer sort of a way. But really, I call this medicine. And like a good patient, I want to get well.