Flawless Foundation for the Natural Look

The fringe benefit of being associated Hollywood is that I’m like a toad sitting on the edge of a pond: I can jump in anytime I want, enjoying a dip in the water when it suits me. The rest of the time, I can remain on the edge, basking in the glow of the exotic sunshine, unrepentant about my toad-like exterior.

Total Block: note the two color tubes-light and dark

Fortunately for me, I have a few helpers around that are determined to have me upgrade myself to a member of the court every so often. When it’s free, I partake.

Today’s gift to the world from my toad-ish self is the most wonderful, easy to customize and apply foundation I’ve found in a while. It is Total Block Tinted Foundation. I don’t use it all the time, for it’s rather dry. However, it has a high-power sunblock, is extremely light (or thin application) and as I said, it can be customized, and for $17.00 US, it is a bargain. When the studio make-up artist told me about it, I was dubious. When I looked at her skin, it truly appeared to be natural and fresh–zero foundation. Yet she was wearing a layer, and looked perfect.

Sure enough, I used a tester, played around with the colors and walla. Perfect skin. Even my husband commented.

This is the natural tint. I can use it directly from the container.

As I mentioned, the downside is that it’s a dry application; one of the benefits (and requirements) to a natural look. As I have dry skin, I use a moisturizer beneath it, which is no big deal. However, for the world of oily-skinned folks out there (and yes, men use this as well, for you truly cannot tell it’s on the skin), it’s the perfect solution.

Tips: When mixing, use a metal or plastic spatula– the end of a knife will do. You can mix this in any small, tight container, such as can be found in a drugstore. This will store the mixed foundation. It comes out a little runny, so be careful when you press on the main container. Invariably, I get a little too much when I use the bottle.  Also, the bottle has so much in it, I imagine it will last me for a year or two, at least. For now, I’m thrilled.

When do I go for my other foundation? When my skin is really dry, or I need a little extra firepower. I tend to use this during the day, as all around natural. When I go out at night, and want to glam it up a bit, I go for my other foundation (which I still need to blog about). It is a bit thicker, but provides more coverage, and makes my skin pop (thanks movie land)!