Easter fun with Cake Pops

spooky halloween cakepops

With Easter Sunday coming up, families around the world will be celebrating all things religious and egg-oriented. I suggest trying out a relatively new, rather digusting but fun edible family project.
Cake Pops.

Never heard of them before? You aren’t alone. I too, was Moses, wandering in the dessert desert, wondering how my life could get richer when lo, an angel appeared to me in the form of a Christmas present from my Las Vegas-based cousin who realized I was without the mother-of-all sugar formations.

This is what you need:

  1. The book:The Bible of Cake Pop books. Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks and Recips for morethan 40 irresistible mini treats.
  2. Box of your favorite pre-mixed cake mix
  3. 9×13 cake pan
  4. mixing bowl
  5. 16 oz ready made frosting (this is America, home of the packaged and parceled after all. all my wonderful, incredibly civilized European readers will gag, but you have to understand this isn’t just food. It’s an experience).
  6. wax paper and 2 baking sheets
  7. Plastic wrap and toothpicks
  8. Plastic or paper sticks
All the recipes are the same. Basically, here it is. Make the cake, let it sit out overnight and get slightly dry.
Take it out and crumble in a bowl. Slightly microwave the ready-made frosting and put it in the cake mix.
Get grimy with your fingers, make it in to a ball (or whatever shape you want), place on the wax paper, cover with plastic wrap and chill.

When you are ready to decorate, pull out and get creative. We used 6 different kinds of decorative gel (found in most supermarkets) and lots of easter egg type glitter.

A month or so ago, I gave this a whirl with my five year old, attempting to make Easter Pops. They turned out like mutant pops, so sugary my face puckered and even Porsche spit them out. No matter. The girls loved the decoration part and proudly displayed their egg pops.

The final product. A bit scary for Easter, but gets the point across.

The entire production was less than 20 dollars, and provided hours of fun. the book has amazing ideas for all holidays….do what my cousin did and get someone the entire set of items (from cake mix to sticks). It makes for an inventive gift as well.