Dropping that last 10 lbs

Sooo many strategies are available to drop that last ten pounds, I’m going to list a few that have worked (and if you are wondering why I need more than one, it’s because I am always re-gaining that “last ten pounds,” over time, and then forget how I’ve lost it in the first place).

  1. Replace processed sugar with beet sugar. A good friend reminded me of this the other day, after I’d successfully gone 4 days without regular sugar. She kindly told me that one “must not live without sugar.” Use this instead. It will help you drop about 1.5-2 pounds per week.
  2. Add arm and leg weights to your daily activities, or exercise efforts. This is a no brainer. The material is soft and the weight manageable at 2 lbs for the wrists (one for each) and then 5 lb for the ankles. Sometimes I’ll use this on the treadmill for at least 40 min to an hour. Alternatively, if I’m not hitting the cardio, I make a point to put them on for an hour while I’m moving around the house. It’s burning extra calories and I don’t have to think about it. The bonus is my arms and legs feel weightless when they are removed.
  3. We call them “Scooby naps” in our house
    1. **note on these–I’ve purchased and given away many types that DON’T work. The wrist ones that go around the thumbs are irritating because I want to be able to move my wrists and thumbs, wash my hands, or whatever. ignore those. Further, I don’t like having the ones that go up to my elbows. They make me sweat. yuck. Last, the round bands that lack the adjustable Velcro means I can’t adjust for a thick or thin wrist–the same goes for ankles. The link I put in was for ankles, but they are all the same– and the selection ranges from 1- 10 depending on the brand.
  4. Drink more water. About 4 wks ago, I plateaued. My trainer upped my water from 1 gallon to 1.5 gallons. No, it didn’t make me crave salt. It just made me go to the bathroom more, but it also helped me shed another 2 pounds.
  5. Add 1 lemon to the water, and 2 tablespoons of cranberry juice (natural and not from concentrate. Both are natural diuretics. Get the cranberry in the natural section, and make sure it’s not from concentrate, no sugar added.
  6. Get 8 hours of sleep. This is the final frontier, and very hard, but worth it. The body can’t process and rejunivate. When I couldn’t kick the last 10 pounds, it was because I was getting about 6 hours. When I was able to up it, all was well.