Changes a comin

Somewhere between meeting Elvis and another Les Paul guitar slinging entertainer in the boarding line, it occurs to me that I should give readers a heads up that it’s time… Changes r a’comin.
It’s not like I’m having a sex change operation or going back to brown hair (the latter which would upset my mother more FYI), it’s about the blog, my websites and generally speaking all that is electronic in my life that drags me away from being sassy and writing to my hearts desire.
Bowing to the Gods in Los Angeles and my agent in New York I’m taking the leap to amalgamate three sites, two blogs and an Ecommerce site- into one coherent place of interest.
Know what I realized? My Ecommerce site is boring (even to me) and I don’t really like charging for things that I myself would attempt to get for free first (think agreements, contracts, marketing tools, sales analysis stuff) so I did what any middle age altruistic wanna be person does and I shut the site down and will be attempting to post tons of stuff for free. Isn’t that swell?
Next thing I did was completely blow up, for all time and eternity, my two other blogs. One for my business life (full of tips and things that I’m sure are repeated elsewhere but in not so sassy a fashion)- and my fiction book blog. Let’s face it. How much can be written around a single book? I wrote. I finished. The end.
Then I really got crazy and thought- heck.  Since I’m cleaning house I’ll just rid myself of the ball and chain called my personal Facebook page which is probably the reason my stinking cancer cysts came back- I mean, am I the only one that looks (when I try not to) at the boasting, the whining and the rampant plagiarism of other peoples witticisms only to sign off feeling morally superior (that I didn’t boast, whine or commit an unethical act) but still empty like a conch shell that has had my internals sucked out like a vacuseal in my anus?
So here’s the good and bad news. Let’s start with the bad, shall we? And pop that zit while we can. The bad is that the sassality will redirect u to a website and in fact, you might have to click Blog. Sorry for the inconvenience. Really. I hate  change (ok lie alert. I love change, ESP a new place to live, a new job, and back in the days or yore, a new boyfriend, ham instead of turkey on thanksgiving, but I digress)- I love change in just about every way but the beloved blogs I choose to read. When it comes to that, watch out sister, I’m a cat in a sack placed in water. Death is coming.
So what’s a reader to do? Well, watch with fear and trepidation and read- when the time comes. At least I’ve grown smarter- proving a modicum of intelligence. (Those of u who have been with me from the beginning know I idiotically transferred off blogger to WordPress then back and lost over 400 blogs and pictures- never have lived that down).
Oh, the good news- almost forgot. Because I’ve killed so many sites I have more time…to blog! Yeah baby. That’s what I’m talkin’ bout.