Working with partners to support vital programs

Sarah is dedicated to supporting causes close to her heart. Fifty percent of each book is given to organizations that support shelters for women and children, self-defense training, programs for at-risk children, education and animal shelters. She shares equally in the gross revenue of each book sold.* If you represent an organization that fits into these categories, you can submit a request for partnership. All requests are personally reviewed by Sarah. Please allow 1-2 weeks for a review and response.

Items to include in your email:

  • Name of the organization with website links and/other references
  • Length of business operations and number of individuals aided/trained (and if animals, appropriate details)
  • Use of funds. How will the money be used (capital expenses, operating expenses), or other; e.g. martial arts studio creating a self-defense training program for women
  • Entity receiving the funds (if not the same). E.g. homeschool entity that will be giving the funds to a local arts program helping at-risk children.
  • Contact information including name, email, phone number

Program timeframe

Seven days is the standard length for a promotional program. During this time, you will promote the program, highlighting that for the 7 day period (Sunday-Saturday night) fifty percent of each book will be given to your organization for the specific cause identified. Sarah also share with her social media accounts and any other awareness building activities during that period. Links, references and associated messaging will be included.

Transparency and reporting

As a partner, you will receive a complete report for all books sold during this time period (ebooks and print), the title and amount. Payments are made at the end of the month (if the period ends before the 15th). Programs ending after the 15th will be made the following month.


Programs are scheduled based upon first available date, unless you have a specific week in mind.

Getting Started

To submit your request (and prove you aren’t a bot), send your information to eastsideauthor at

*two books are exempt from this program due to pre-existing publishing contracts. These are Navigating the Partnership Maze and The Sue Kim Biography.