Best of 2013 Halloween costumes-Chasing Fireflies 5-star review

The illustrious She started sending me spooky-time ideas in July. Was she sucked in by the costumes on display Costco or was it the prospect of making headless horseman pop cakes? Dunno and don’t care. She infected me with what Rog calls my seasonal hysteria (is that wrong? It not like I’m a 60-something shut-in. I simply like parties and happy-time things that remind me of the innocent youth I never had but still want. But I digress.

I get online. I come across Chasing Fireflies, a site for all things costume and get a catalog (Ill admit I’m old school. I like nothing better than to fire up overhead chill out music, fill the claw foot tub with scalding water and light the candle and glance through design and architecture mags- and costumes count).
The white witch

I’m soaking as I flick through the pages and tag a bunch. Incentive. Creative and look well made, hit that’s the big question- are they quality or crap? I can be at the local Target in 10 minutes and emerge with a costume for less than 30 bucks. Yet chasing fireflies gets me with the range of zombies, fairies, eras and styles, plus it’s inclusive of the entire family- not only skanky waitress costumes (it actually doesn’t deign to go skank-) but for dads and boys- and entire sets- pretty cool.

I take it to the girls and they weigh in. Porsche wants to be a white witch, like an upgrade Glenda with the cool factor of the wicked witch of the west, while merc goes for the fairy.
The gal who takes my order says three weeks, but it arrives in 4 days. We are all elated. The best part? High quality throughout. Heavy fabric. Lots of layers. No cheap corner cutting here. This comes with a price of course, but given that the girls can grow with these, I was willing to pay it. In fact he costumes themselves weren’t so bad-$35-64.

What upped the total to over $350 was all the accessories- the earrings, necklaces, hats, shoes and respective
brooms, for one must have the brooms.