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ow up…..73 episodes covering two complete books, Author Straight Talk (non-fiction) and Made for Me (romance). Subscribe to my channel to get updates and comment.


Join me in my living room for Made for Me. Romance by the fireplace.

The audio book of o book version of Made for Me on youtube. Click on the M4M playlist and listen to all 57 chapters.

Ten episodes of Author Straight Talk, each video focusing on a chapter of the book. Click here for playlist options, select AST and it will loop through continue to each episode. Otherwise, the direct episodes are:

Episode 1: The Money & Motivation
Episode 2: Finding Inspiration & Dealing with Writer’s Block
Episode 3: Genres & Trends
Episode 4: Social Media
Episode 5: Copyrights & Ownership
Episode 6: The Critical Role of Editing
Episode 7: Getting an Agent
Episode 8: Overcoming Fear
Episode 9: Tools & Time Management
Episode 10: The Process Start to Finish